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Welcome to Ruin's homepage!

fatalsghost / Jul 01, 2015
Hello all!

Ruin from [H] Barthilas, is a late night semi-hardcore raiding team currently recruiting to fill its roster for mythic progression and beyond.

Our raiding schedule is:
Wed, Thurs, Sun and Mon : 10pm - 1230am +8 GMT (12am- 0230am Server Time)
Total Hours: 10 hours a week

Current Progression: 7/10M, 12/13N, 10/13H

Hi guys! We are mostly a bunch of players who have raided hardcore in various expansions before and now just aim to have fun in a laid back environment. We are a fairly mature bunch (MOST TIMES) from Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Perth.While there is hardly any elitism in the guild we do expect our members to turn up to raid prepared with all consumables, boss mods, knowledge of their class and the boss fight, and most importantly, a good attitude!

Raiders are required to:
1) Have a good attitude towards progression raiding.
2) Have Teamspeak and Microphone for voice communication
3) Have the DBM/BigWigs, EPGP DKP Reloaded and EPGP Lootmaster, Exorsus Raid Tools
4) Have flasks, pots and individual food (+125 stat food)
5) Read up/Watch Videos on class rotations and boss fights for optimal results
6) Have fun! :)


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