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#12268817 Apr 11, 2016 at 05:19 PM
1. Botzkii, healbotski#1347
3. I was previously a member of Unrivaled Dominion during BC and early Wotlk. I had brief stints with Disposed and Adept during Wotlk. Work hours did not suit the raiding times and also my study load was taken into account.
4. I am currently available to raid these times for now and the far future as they fit right in my work and family life schedule.
5. No logs to provide.
6. It is in regards to criticism. I can take criticism and also feedback as I am always trying to improve my game play and knowledge of the game mechanics. Without this feedback the guild as a whole cannot progress through content. Communication is a vital part of being a successful team.
7. Mechanics are always first and foremost, but in saying that, as a DPS class myself I am always trying to dish out the most punishment I can but within the Boss mechanics.
8. I have not played the game in quite a while. Work and family are important and WoW took a back seat for a few years. I am now in a position where I can play and commit to a schedule. I know my class very well and am a good team player. Very mature 28 yo with a family. I have played a hunter since starting WoW in 2006 and love him to bits. I also have a 100 shaman which could help with lower tier runs if needed. I have a lot of gold on my toons and am an engineer and alchemist on my hunter. 30 exalted reps+, so grinding is not a problem to me, as long as we identify problems or weaknesses even if that weakness may be me. OT: I live in Sydney. =)

Thank you for your time.
Kind Regards

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